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Arabic Tattoos

One of the most famous semi permanent types of tattoo, the henna tattoo originated in the Middle East and hence, is synonymous with Arabic tattoos. Here we will see more on Arabic type of tattoos. For those seeking exotic tattoos with flowing forms and hidden meanings, Arabic tattoos may just be the answer. Although most Arabic tattoos are seen in the form of henna tattoos (temporary ink tattoos that last up to a few weeks primarily located on hands and feet), more and more Arabic designs are being requested in tattoo parlors in the western world. With Arabic writing tattoos being the most popular, translations of meaningful names and phrases offer endless possibilities to those seeking unique and personalized Arabic tattoos.

Arabic tattoos are definitively in fashion in the world of the rich and the famous. And I don't mean temporary tattoos done with henna. This is perhaps surprising, because there are hardly any tattoos to be seen in the Arab World. In the West, however, tattoos have come a long way from the time when they were essentially associated with sailors and soldiers. Nowadays, having a permanent inking on your skin is no longer a sign of low class.

Recently, celebrities like actressAngelina Jolie, football player Zlatan Ibrahimović, and pop star Rihannahave been getting Arabic phrases and words tattooed on their bodies.

Arabic Tattoos

It should be noted that henna tattoos are commonly made in the Middle Eastern countries for most of the occasions. They often represent celebration and are also made for religious occasions. However, it should be noted that only the semi permanent tattoos or the henna tattoos are allowed in these countries. Permanent tattoos are not encouraged or rather banned according to the Islamic Law. However, tattoos made in the Arabic language are very popular in several other parts of the world. Celebrities as well as ordinary people go for Arabic tattoos for their uniqueness and distinct appearance. Here are some ideas on Arabic tattoo designs that will help you have awesome tattoos.

Arabic Tattoo Ideas

When talking of Arabic tattoo designs, Arabic phrases are the first thing that come into the mind. These days, there are several different types of tattoo lettering styles and designs available and hence, having an Arabic phrase on your body seems like a good option. Secondly, as Arabic is known to few people in other parts of the world, than Middle East; the Arabic tattoos add to the mystery and uniqueness. You can go through the following phrases that are commonly used for making tattoos. These phrases are considered as one of the best options for Arabic tattoos for girls. 

Secondly, one of the other ideas on unique tattoos for men and women is having an Arabic symbol inscribed on the body. There are several Arabic symbols that symbolize particular meanings and can be used as tattoo designs. These have intricate and delicate designs and hence, can be made by both, men as well as women. However, as a note of caution, it should be noted that most of these symbols have religious connotations and symbolism of God or Holy saints. Therefore, it is essential for one to look out for the proper meaning and have the symbol made correctly.

Arabic Tattoo Phrases

  • لحب ~ Love
  • العزيمة ~ Determination
  • قمر ~ Moon
  • رفيق ~ Friend
  • روح ~ Spirit
  • رواء ~ Beauty
  • سعد ~ Good Luck
  • صفيّ ~ Pure
  • سعيد ~ Happy / Lucky
  • سكينة ~ Peace
  • شعلة ~ Flame
  • أسامة ~ Lion


Rihanna's Arabic Tattoo


Finally, let's see what singer Rihanna has engraved on her waste: The Arabic reads الحرية في مسيح (al-horriya fi maseeh), or in English "the freedom in Messiah". 

If you want to follow the celebrities' example and get an Arabic tattoo yourself, then make sure that you know exactly the meaning of the words you are engraving for life. Better yet, why not learn the Arabic alphabet yourself so that you can be sure that the words are written correctly?




Arabic Tattoo

Arabic Tattoo                                                                  Arabic Tattoo

Hand of Fatima Arabic Tattoos

Hand of Fatima Arabic Tattoos
The Hand of Fatima is symbolic of Fatima Zahara, the fifth and favorite daughter of Mohammad. This symbol, also known as the khamsa hand, is a five-fingered hand that is thought to bring good fortune and to ward off the "evil eye." One variation, the "eye-in-hand," features an eye in the center of the palm. The Hand of Fatima is so popular that it is regularly seen throughout the fashion industry in the form of charms and jewelry as well as meaningful body art.

Celebrities with Arabic Tattoos
Arabic tattoos continue to make their way into Hollywood among today's hottest movie stars, models and musicians. Here are a few star personalities who bare Arabic tattoos of their own:

ANGELINA JOLIE / Actress: Arabic writing tattoo "strength of will" on right forearm

RHIANNA / Singer: Arabic writing tattoo on left side of torso

KIM RYDER / Singer: Arabic writing tattoos on shoulders

Tattooing is nevertheless common among the Berbers of north Africa, where small designs with symbolic meaning are used (mainly by women). Egyptian Christians often have a cross tattooed on their hand or wrist. These designs are very simple - often crudely done - and we are not aware of any Arab equivalent to the elaborate tattoos used, for example, by the Maoris and Pacific islanders.

We are often asked to provide names or phrases in Arabic to be used as tattoos, but it is not practical to do this by email. The best solution, if you don't know the Arabic script, is to find someone locally who does.

For a simple basic design, possible sources of artwork would be:

  • A laser print from a computer that is set up for Arabic word-processing
  • A proof from a typesetter who specialises in Arabic printing
  • Traditional hand-lettering done with a calligraphic pen


Arabic Tattoos are the latest craze among the rich and the famous. Angelina Jolie got one, Rihanna got one and who knows ... maybe you will be next?

This is perhaps surprising, because there are few Arabic tattoos to be seen in the Arab world. In the West, however, getting a tattoo on your skin is no longer a sign of low class.

But, when Arabic tattoos go wrong, it can be devestating - ugly, ungrammatical and even outright offensive.

Arabic Tattoo

Arabic Tattoo Arabic Tattoo Arabic Tattoo Arabic Tattoo Arabic Tattoo Arabic Tattoo

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